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By Eckart Schillings.   Your most passionate Diamond Dealer, Diamond-Setter and Master Jeweller.
Providing you with all types o f natural Diamonds at realistic Prices. Personalised Services!
German precisionwork in Australia. 
Experience the Difference!                            Updated: SEPTEMBER 2020

DIAMONDS for Engagement Rings or other Jewellery 

"Over the years I have supplied Diamonds for Clients who wanted to order a bespoke Engagement Ring or other Piece of Jewellery to be made. 

Then some people wanted to just have a Diamond and get it set,

with someone who works for them locally ... It simply grew from there!"

How can I help you with a beautiful Diamond?

The best way to get started is to let me know what you are looking for.

I will get back to you with Questions and then prepare a Listing of suitable Diamonds.

The next step is to choose and refine the List until you are completely happy 

having found the right Diamond.

We then arrange the delivery of your diamond and the Payment Options.

Today, choosing and ordering a natural Diamond has become very sophisticated 

and also very safe with Diamonds being traded in a global marketplace. 

Diamond Information:

There is a Lot involved when it comes to choosing a Diamond.

I can advice you in any aspect of Diamond Grades and how the Trade works.

A good starting Point is to check the GIA Laboratory Website.

Diamond Purchase:

I supply my Clients with the best Diamond, matching personal preference and a specific budget.

Diamond Origin:

Diamonds are very mobile and traded globally. 

I have Access to large quantities of all types of Diamonds from my international Network 

of long established business Relationships to Diamond Miners, Cutters and Trade Wholesalers.

I choose and pick for you, the best Stones of any given Quality.

You benefit with a Diamond that is well above the Quality and Choice 

what other Vendors have sitting in their Safe.

I specialise in Diamonds with Laser Inscription and Certificates 

from reputable international Laboratories only!

Diamonds - House is operated from my actual Jewellery and Diamond-setting Studio

in Queensland, Australia that you can visit to personally discuss your Diamond Project.

Experience the difference!